9 Times People Got A Little Confused In Life

Life isn’t easy to understand. Even if you try, you’ll just end up feeling more puzzled and confused. However, even though life’s full of mystery, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely bad. It’s actually what makes life interesting and entertaining.

If you don’t think that way, check out these 9 photos of life confusing people. They should be enough to make you change your mind.

1. Ready for the finals!

Yes, he’s pretty much studied everything he could. He’s definitely ready for the finals.

2. That’s why we bought the scissors

The old scissor was almost on its deathbed, that’s why the new scissors were bought. But the old scissor died before they could get out the new ones. What are we going to do now?

3. Hidden lights

They wanted to light the path. But where are the lights? Is it projected from high above or buried in the snow below? Where are the lights?

4. The ironic pain

Flat tire after flat tire. How could this happen? All they just wanted was to go home.

5. I think they’re lost

It’s been snowing hard outside and they’ve missed the exit. Where are they now? Quick! Take out the map and find the way back

6. Non-stick, they said

It was supposed to be a non-stick dry pan. Are you sure about that? Who’s to blame for this fiasco now?

7. Brooms with sunglasses

Are they spies in disguise? Was it magic gone wrong? What are these brooms doing? And why do they all look so cool with their sunglasses?

8. A little planning helps

Planning would have helped this dilemma, huh? I sure hope whoever made this mistake wasn’t a professor or student in this college.

9. There’s a horse on the balcony

There’s a horse on the balcony. I repeat, there’s a horse on the balcony. Did he get drunk and pass out there? Was he gonna climb down? There’s a freakin’ horse on that narrow balcony!

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