9 store displays you should see

A store’s design is critical to a customer’s decision to enter or not. A bad store design has a good chance of keeping customers away since they don’t promise a good shopping experience. On the other hand, creative displays create a positive impression.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to design your store, these 9 store displays should definitely be on your list.

1. Lebowski Fan?

Fans of the movie will now be visiting this store in their robe and pretend it’s for a good cause. Which is the discount. It makes me wonder if they are trying to sell milk or just be entertaining.


2. This Isn’t Real

You may have been fooled at first but look closer. This is actually a shop window of a shop window in a show window. You can see the glass starting at the bottom and the reflections in it.


3. Are You Not Entertained?

These fish will surely bring you great enjoyment as they dance around your kitchen. Right? Or is this a different kind of entertaining fish? Either way, this is a great marketing strategy.


4. What The Pencil

Have you ever been to a pencil store? I didn’t know it was a thing. But apparently, in Iran, it is. Take a look at this pencil store with an owner who makes cool pictures and words with the erasers.


5. And He Does Mean All


6. Cartscalator 3000

This grocery store has two stories, so they put in an escalator especially for carts. You can travel up and down with ease, making it easier to shop with a heavy load. I want to go here just to use this.


7. Get A New One

This is perfect for vacationing or dating when you want to show pictures of your family but you hate your family. Find one that speaks to you and maybe even drops off pictures of yours. They probably buy too.


8. Ready For The Super Bowl

This store is ready for game day. They set up a stadium made from beer crates. If you drink beer and you visit this store, you will no doubt want to snag a crate right after you take a snapshot of this masterpiece.

9. So You Like Purple?

For some reason, purple is one of those colors that if you like it, you really like it. So this store only sells purple stuff. You won’t find anything in the store that doesn’t have purple on it. Now, where is the pink store?

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