8 Times Moms And Dads Left The Funniest And Best Notes Ever

Writing notes to others is an art. It’s not easy to pen a succinct message that communicates exactly what you’re saying. But these funny parents all excel at note writing.

Kids hate being told what to do. It’s just a natural part of being a kid. Their brains haven’t learned to accept that sometimes elders know what’s best. This means that parents need to be creative in getting their children to behave. The 8 parents ahead all worked out how to get their kids to act right, via the art of note writing.


Taken it seriously

That speech from Taken has become iconic. But here it’s ironic. Did the kids get disconnected or not, do you think?



Clearly, Liam is prone to whining

It worked! We woke up at 10:06 this morning! 😀 from funny

This must have taken ages to craft, what with the fire and the blood and all. Would the parents really notice if one baggie of snacks disappeared? Liam and Alexra could share it. But they don’t sound like the sharing types.


Talking back but by writing back

My Dad leaves misspelled notes, and I leave replies from funny

Yes, that’s the musician Handel, who wrote Messiah. To be fair, Handel has been deceased since 1759, so it’s accurate to say that he’s broken. He probably will be for a while, too.

Is this why they’re endangered?

Kids must be responsible for so many unicorn passings every year. This dad has done a huge service in highlighting this fact. This is probably the best thing that toilet paper has ever been used for.


Straight to the point

And that point is a knife apparently. Because everyone knows that threats of bodily harm are the best tool for shaping a growing mind. How could any child be traumatized by this?


The child said she was embarrassed by lunch notes

my daughters said she was too old for notes in her lunch – my reply and WIN from funny

It’s lucky that this isn’t a lunch note then, right? And if anyone doubts this fact, just look at the underlining of the word not. Do you think the child appreciated this not note?

The clue is in the title

Found this note in my bathroom drawer after my dad tried to borrow toothpaste from funny

It’s not called mouthisil. Clearly, this is not the daughter’s fault. Unless the daughter is somehow responsible for partially blinding the dad but not in a way that stops him from writing notes.

Another kitchen, another threat of violence

Yes, cleaning the kitchen is hard work. But why threaten your children with violence? Can’t you just starve them for misbehaving like a normal person?

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