8 Pictures Proving Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

If you are a lover of perfection, any form of disorder or chaos will surely make you cringe. Well, the next photos you’re gonna see are not in any way perfect, and some are not even close to acceptable! Are you up to the challenge? Read on and prepare for you have been warned.

There Is No Hope

If these are our architects then there is no hope data ll. This door is like dangerous from the other side, but at least they pinned “hope” on it so now it’s just a design choice and statement.


Don’t Invite Them To Christmas

If someone did this at my Thanksgiving dinner, I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t invite them to Christmas. No one needs that kind of negativity in their life, no matter who they are. Leave the pie alone!


Swando, Swadon’t

This hairstyle is killer! Or maybe it isn’t a hairstyle and instead it’s an evil twin that whispers heinous plans in his brother’s ear. Either way, it does look pretty darn cool and should never be touched.



Not Just Infuriating

This isn’t just infuriating, it breaks just about every code that was set in place. Who needs to feel fury when you can feel the fire? Am I missing something here or is this hydrant now unusable?


Which Came First?

If these trees were already here, I think I would have taken them out and planted new ones. If they are new ones, then shame on whoever decided to plant them in this manner. Whoever did this is a rock.



Not Easy To Mix Up

They had a fifty-percent chance of getting it right at random and they failed. If only they would have used their two God-given eyes to figure out where the covers went. Unless the problem is that they mixed up the lighting and cables. Oops.


This Literall Bothers Me

I don’t really like it when people use this word wrong. But they have done it so much that there’s an official unofficial use that contradicts the original meaning. Let’s stick with the formal use.



This girl’s shirt is unfortunate. Now it looks like this creep is going to take off and ride her across the waters. It would help if he had a cowboy hat or at least had a less menacing expression.


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