7 times someone’s day went from normal to “nope!”

There can be days that turn your good smile upside-down because of the misfortune that you experience. Initially, it pisses you off. But sooner, you’ll look back to it laughing out loud. It can be an unlucky day because you got stung by a bee on the lip as you leave home for work. It can be having a discoloration on your face because of experimenting with a beauty tip you’ve read online.

Some days seem to be great at the beginning and suddenly make you feel unfortunate thereafter. Whatever those experiences are, don’t be preoccupied about them for making you feel bad or stupid. These things still impart lessons in a hilarious way, and you will soon be unembarrassed to share them with others. But sorry for not being able to hold back our laughter this time.

1. It’ll get better.

I’ll get home, and my cat will be thrilled to see me. His joy will pull me out of my depressed state. Or not.



2. Where did you leave it?

How can someone be mad at the squirrel for taking your food? Unless it broke into your house and took it. If it was outside, it is free game in my book


3. Oh! Oww!

I would never even think that such a thing could happen. How does your eyelid get stuck in your zipper?


4. World travele

When your phone goes missing, but then it’s found. Except you are in London, and a week later you get an alert saying it’s a world away.


5. Somebody needs to have a talk with Gary.

Really, is that the kind of thing you need to express across the sky for the world to see. Oh wait, it should say Gary loves Doris.


6. Think again!

What would you do? Would you eat a slice of cake that says die? Especially a slice that your mother-in-law just cut for you.


7. I see a do over.

It’s actually kind of cute and depending on the owner they make it to leave it that way. Because, come on, how many people can say they have Footprints in their driveway.

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