7 Hilarious and sweet thoughts people in relationships have from a brand new perspective

Yes, every relationship is different. But in many ways, every relationship is also the same. Here’s the proof.

People will always form couples. Sure, throuples are fashionable right now. But come on, most of us find being in a relationship with one other partner a lot to handle.

And as long as there are couples, there will be jokes about couples. We can all relate to some of these jokes. Here are 7 relationship jokes that are as funny as they are relatable! If you’re in a relationship, see how many of these that you agree with:


Date nights start to look a lot different

Netflix and chill is a perfectly acceptable date night.


You’re each other’s cheerleaders

Being in a relationship means you have a built-in cheerleader for when you do anything remotely impressive.


You get a little possessive

Love can do some weird things to our brains. As long as you keep it respectful towards your partner, admitting that you can still get jealous can make them realize just how stong your bond is.


You suck it up and accept that you’re in love, even when you’re mad

Being a little annoyed doesn’t mean you’re going to withhold your affection completely.


You accept one of you is a bed hog

Lots of couples still disagree on who it is, but most of the time this can just be solved with an extra backup blanket and a little nudge. Pets are another story.


You feel a little overprotective of your partner

Sometimes friends don’t understand that you’ve already picked your person and so you overreact a little when they remind you there are plenty of other people out there in case you want to jump back into the dating pool.


You give in and buy stuff you don’t need

Sometimes your other half just finds something they really have to have and you should just be glad it’s not a whole box of puppies.

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