12 Times People Found Some Weird Things

Little surprises can be a pleasure – sometimes. Coming across a fun item while on a walk can be delightful.

Other times, you end up finding car keys in your food.

Life certainly knows how to keep us on our toes! And those of us busy looking at our phones miss out on a lot.

1. Hey, where are you taking my friend?!

There are all kinds of things wrong with this photo.

But why is there a fake tiger hanging around when the majestic real one is RIGHT THERE?

Now all you’ve managed to accomplish is one injured fake tiger a pretty insulted real one. Bad move.


2. Keep your eyes on the road, man!

If you saw this guy at the stoplight, you’d probably smile and nod back, right?

But what about on the highway?

It’s a strange but funny decal for your driver’s side window, but we doubt it’s street-legal.


3. This concludes our meeting

Well, we do expect to see pigeons around fast food places, but not sitting AT the table!

Then again, why not? Maybe they wanted to be more civilized and stop eating off the ground.


4. Don’t pull the cord

This may look like a strange and inconvenient ceiling light but it’s actually a balloon that got stuck in the light hole.

Of course, now we are curious about the design possibilities.


5. Make showering fun

What? Kids get bath toys!

We see absolutely nothing wrong here as long as you are old enough to indulge and drink responsibly.

No, we take that back. That’s really not how a cabernet should be stored.

Then again, maybe the bottle is empty now – then it’s all good.


6. The door to Narnia

This dorm’s lobby has a secret door.

How many students do you think have tried to open it?

Or, more importantly, how many have come back?


7. Child genius

Props to this kid! At least for an hour or two that probably seems like a great idea.

But when mom or dad goes to turn on the tv later, you’re toast.

Next time, ask to get a dog.


8. Hidden treasure!

Now, to be fair, this is what we HOPE to find any time we open something, it’s just not what we expect.

This family found a safe in their new house and it contained a big surprise!

Is it too late to cash in that Bingo card?


9. What the what?

This driver looks like he’s driving from the back seat.

In fact, the more you look at it the more confusing it is.

Maybe he has REALLY long legs.


10. Cuteness

Aww, this is such a cute idea and an adorable surprise for anyone who comes across it.

But everyone play dumb when they ask what happened to Tigger, ok? No one tell them about slide #1.


11. The mushroom lab

To be honest, the only (legal) mushrooms we know about have to be hunted down at certain times of the year. We’re referring to morels, of course.

We never thought about what it would take to farm the number of mushrooms the world consumes.

Let’s just say this would not be what we expected upon walking into this greenhouse.


12. Go-bo

Every secret agent needs a box of necessities hidden in a good place in case they need to flee quickly.

But it’s probably not what a mom expects to find while cleaning their five-year-old’s room.

Pretty impressive! Just be careful when he gets a passport.

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