12 Funny And Strange Things People Have Come Home To

My dad put googly eyes on everything in our refrigerator from funny

You never know what sorts of surprises await when you step through the front door. If you’re like these people, adventure is lurking just around the corner. They came home to witness crazy things that they never expected.

From snakes bathing in the kitchen sink to refrigerators filled with googly-eyed foods, there’s definitely nothing ordinary here.

You might be surprised, you might be confused, but most likely, you’ll probably just laugh and shake your head. These situations are wild! Which one of these funny sights that people came home to is the most absurd to you?


1. Big Appetite

In this home, it wasn’t just food hiding inside in the fridge, it was an actual live puppy! He got super hungry while his owners were away and decided to help himself. Once he got the door open, it was like an endless buffet.


2. Heatable Blender

My dad broke the microwave and instead came home with a blender that makes soups from funny

When the dad broke the microwave in the home, everyone was bummed out. He went to the store to replace it, but ultimately, decided to mix things up. He came home with something that he claimed was even better.

3. Wise Old Owl

Imagine pulling open the curtains to see this beautiful bird staring back at you. It’s not afraid of people at all. Its incredible curiosity shines bright in those big ol’ owl eyes.


4. Craving Sweets

My 39-week pregnant wife went to the store to “get stuff for dinner”. This is what she came home with from funny

There is no arguing with a pregnant woman. If she wants to eat ice cream for dinner, we’re not going to be the ones to say no. She can order in whatever sweets she desires.

5. Group Yoga

It’s pretty common to see someone doing yoga. However, imagine the husband’s surprise when he discovered the family dog was getting involved in his wife’s hobby too. Apparently, it’s now a group exercise class.


6. Bathroom Surprise

Came home to this lol from funny

This funny surprise is pretty much the last thing you want to find when using the bathroom. It’s a practical joke that will leave you in either a sticky situation or a very dirty one. We’ll let you decide which option is better…

7. Toilet Paper Art

I came home to this last night. I married the right woman. from funny

Sometimes, what’s most surprising is not the lack of toilet paper, but what the toilet paper is doing. For example, here, one sheet is rescuing another sheet of toilet paper from falling. It’s a life-and-death situation playing out in real-time.

8. Awesome Memories

I came home to this in the guest room of my parents new house from funny

Some pictures are flattering and some aren’t. We have to appreciate all of them. Each picture represents an important moment in history that we must never forget!

9. Patiently Waiting

There is nothing like coming home to see your best buddy waiting to greet you at the front door. After a long day at work, it’s an instant mood booster. That goofy face-smashed-against-the-window look is priceless.


10. First Halloween

Came home to see this little cow ready for trick or treaters. from funny

For those who like treats, it’s one of the greatest times of the year. However, for parents who like adorable costumes, it’s even better. Kids are never too young to dress up for Halloween.

11. New Pet

For those of us who are afraid of snakes, this is pretty much a worst nightmare scenario. It’s big, exotic, and occupying the entire kitchen. It’s going to require a professional snake wrangler to get it under control.


12. Breakup Message

So I came home to this today… from funny

This is a brutal way to be broken up with. Although, we have to admire the creativity. At least the door is still open for the man!

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