12 Ads Put in the Wrong Place With Hilarious Results

Ad placements are important, and a lot of people don’t get that. Imagine yourself reading a wholesome article about cows then you look to your left and see an ad for cooked veal.

However, regardless of how it ruins a serious topic, or how these unfortunate coincidences turn dark in an instant, it still makes us laugh in the end. Here are 12 unfortunate ad placements that end up being hilarious

1. What you looking at?

You could immediately tell how bad this looks. These YouTube originals’ posters have unfortunately overlapped. When put beside each other, it looks as if Hollywood actor, Ryan Reynolds is trying to know how flexible the lady could get.


2. Cow supremacy

These billboard signs should be nowhere near together. The one above is asking you whether where you’ll land if you die. Either way, tell them that the cows sent ya.


3. Savage Home Depot

This funny tweet with an unexpectedly dark twist becomes a hundred times funnier with the Home Depot ad below. Home Depot proudly declares that there are more ways to get stuff done.


4. Watching this with a beer in your hand

This drink delivery ad seems to be making fun of the Australian comedian Fiona. As this person watches a video of her opening up about alcoholism, this ad of JimmyBrings just makes watching this awkward.


5. At a certain diaper aisle…

This image of a kid with chocolate all over his face is probably not the best one in this aisle of diapers. This makes people have the wrong idea. Who is even in-charge in this section?


6. Obscene ads

To those who decided to put their ads on these billboards are probably good friends or something to pull this kind of dirty joke. If not, then this unfortunate coincidence is just a giant dick. These ads could earn negative results though.


7. Twitter auto-crops are the worst

When uploading a large image at Twitter, the AI would crop that to a certain size. Unfortunately, ABC News’ image of singer Dolly Parton announcing her birthday got cropped in a bad way. The whole world was focused on Dolly Parton’s chest.


8. Dolphins aren’t as fast as they tell you

This adorable video shows how fast a dolphin could move around the water. However, the news article below it is a bit of a killjoy. It’s a relief that those three guys were caught though.


9. Horse meat

The above post was just showing the majestic side of horses. However, the one below seems to be interested more in its meat. I wonder if the person who asked the question also belonged to the same subreddit where the horse was at.


10. Swim anyone?

The newspaper’s layout editor is probably drunk or unaware because this frontpage is just terrible. The guy put an article to encourage swimming while on the left side, you can see tragic news of a man drowning. This information would be too much to handle.


11. Scary coincidence

This man missed the train because of his chatty owner. Even though the picture is unrelated to this person’s case, you’d be relieved that that person didn’t get on the train.


12. YouTube recommendations

YouTube’s algorithm is a bit confusing. One day you’ll find a bunch of random stuff on your main page without knowing the reason. Sometimes it could turn into something like this.

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