11 Unusual Things People Were Able To Capture On Film

We’ll whip out of phones for just about anything these days. Every sunset, firework, brunch, and beach visit is plastered across social media.

Occasionally, we go out of our way to show people a random, strange thing we saw too. In fact, some people will even upload those photos to Reddit on a board called r/mildlyinteresting.

But don’t worry, most of the photos are genuinely interesting. Or at the very least will make you wonder if you too would have stopped to take a snap.

Come see which of these photos is the weirdest, prettiest, strangest, or most interesting. It turns out that mildly interesting things can be really fascinating!

1. Piebald deer

Two toned deer I saw this morning from mildlyinteresting

It’s uncommon to see a deer with a dual-colored coat. These are called piebald deer and they’re not to be confused with albino deer, although both are extremely rare.

Only 1% of deer have this kind of coloring!

2. Cat splat

The spot where a cat waited out the snowfall from mildlyinteresting

Someone doesn’t like the snow.

We couldn’t help but smile at this little cat-shaped spot on the ground where a furball cuddled up to wait out the storm.

Even it’s little footprints are visible.

3. Van Gogh woodwork

Splitting firewood and found a piece resembling the sky in "The Starry Night". from mildlyinteresting

We immediately thought of Starry Night when we saw this pattern.

We think of Van Gogh as a post-Impressionist painter, but maybe he’s more of a realist than we realized!

4. Moss puppy

I went hiking and found a rock/log that resembled a giant moss puppy. from mildlyinteresting

We’re not exactly afraid of this forest creature. In fact, it’s kind of cute.

We just don’t think it’s going to be good at playing games.

5. Spotless ladybug

My wife found a ladybug with no spots. from mildlyinteresting

One ladybug feels like good luck when you see it. But anyone who’s had an infestation knows it feels anything but fortunate.

This one is on its own, but has no spots – we think you get to determine your own luck on that.

6. Street art

Dirt Art spotted on the back door of a delivery truck on the freeway in L.A. from mildlyinteresting

Wow, someone really took the time to make something beautiful out of something dirty. Instead of just using their finger to write “wash me,” they made art.

Now it’s going to be really hard to wash off!

7. The good kind of seagull

A piece of driftwood that looks just like a seagull from mildlyinteresting

Seagulls have every right to exist, of course, we just don’t have to be fond of them.

But a driftwood seagull seems fine.

It’s like a little message from nature – and you can interpret at will.

8. Fire mountain

I spotted a red mountain. from mildlyinteresting

Sure, it’s just the result of sunlight, but this would certainly catch our eye, even amongst the other beauty of the area.

The phenomenon is known as “alpenglow.’

9. Nature begets nature

The way this ice has formed looks like a tiny forest from mildlyinteresting

It’s amazing what beautiful forms nature can create – especially when it comes to ice and snow.

We love this little forest – too bad it has to melt. But it being temporary is part of what makes it special (and photo-worthy!).

10. Doppleganger?

My friend met a stranger at a wedding that looked just like him and was wearing the same thing. from mildlyinteresting

Whoa! How freaked out would you be to see a larger (or smaller) version of yourself in the very same outfit somewhere?

These guys could be brothers, but they’re total strangers who encountered each other at a wedding.

We hope they stayed friends!

11. Retired Batman

Found Batman embedded in a tree in my sister’s yard from mildlyinteresting

We wonder how Gotham City is doing without Batman around.

What enemy would have trapped in a tree? Poison Ivy, perhaps?

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