10 people using one-too-many brain cells to solve a problem

Nowadays, you can hack almost anything. All you need is an internet connection to step into a world full of ingenious ideas on how to solve any problem. However, some people take creative solutions a step too far, to where it borders on irrational. We don’t judge them for trying but we certainly do not recommend following their lead.

Here are 10 hacks that you might want to give a hard pass to:

1. When you rarely do the dishes

Since these guys rarely do the dishes, they thought of a better way to use the dishwasher. This was their solution.


2. For the mailman

Whoever made this isn’t just a creative guy. He’s quite considerate, too. He probably knows how hard it is for a mailman to deliver letters when it’s snowing.

3. In case it rains

If you’re thinking of buying a convertible, you might as well buy something to cover it once it rains. The last thing you want to happen is get the interior of your car soaking wet.


4. Fixed

This is a good solution for people who often lose their ladders to their neighbors. Just looking at how this ladder is fixed to the posts, I bet no one would dare borrow or even steal it.


5. Unique heels

This is what happens when you accidentally step on your kids’ toys and break your heels. You pick random dinosaur figurines and use them as replacements.



6. Clever but creepy

It’s hard to determine which is more uncomfortable in this photo: Is it having a large hole on the door? Or is it having that face in the hole? I’d have to say both.


7. Fixed

If you are creative but not a perfectionist, this solution might work for you. Otherwise, it would be better to ask someone skilled to get the job done.


8. A solution for everything

When people say tape can fix everything, this is probably what they mean. I wonder how long this “solution” will work.



9. No more crumbs

Tired of always breaking your Pringles into crumbs whenever you’re eating? This hack is supposed to help solve that.


10. When you need to take a computer break

Put your laser mouse on an analog watch and you wouldn’t have to worry about your computer going on Sleep mode.

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