10 examples of plastic surgery going a step too far

Those people who are not happy and contented with some parts of their bodies tend to go for cosmetic surgery. And this is the reason why this continues to be a billion-dollar industry. Because who doesn’t want to look better? However, what others think as “looking better” isn’t what most people expect to see.

Some have certainly gone beyond what is normal, such as having overdone fillers making their lips too pouty. There also some who have gone for ab implants looking quite unreal. Also, there are popular nose jobs to achieve that feature of Michael Jackson, but they ended up getting very tiny nostrils making it hard for them to breathe.

If you are planning to get your own surgery, then consider these cosmetic surgeries gone wrong. You might just think twice about going under the knife before you regret it forever. You will certainly be shocked by these results from 10 individuals.

1. “There’s so much going on here”

Those over-the-top lashes certainly go well with everything else she’s got going (wr)on(g)! If only she’d gotten her nose done, it’d be a beautifully perfect mess.


“Let’s not forget the shoe polish stenciled above her eyes.”


“Also too much in the cheeks. But I understand at that point she needs to balance the insane caricature-level jaw injections.”

2. “Insta model, extra pouty”

No wonder she’s pouty. She was probably never informed that the upkeep of her lip fillers would cost her dearly in terms of how many tubes of Chapstick she goes through every day.


“Looks like a severe allergic reaction completely localised to her lips.”


3. “Found this unfortunate on a brow shaming group on FB”

Poor, sweet girl. Brow shaming is a terrible thing for a person to endure. If only there was something else people could focus on…


“How do you eat with lips like that? How quickly does she go through Chapstick??”


“Asking the real questions.”


4. “The doctor responsible for another botched surgery in this sub.”

Well, no one can complain they didn’t know what was in store for them. He’s his own poster boy for all the jaw-dropping great work he’s done!


“Never sample your own product.”


5. “Jawline for days”

Don’t forget about the cheekbones! Because that’s the other obvious thing she’s had done to her face, right?


“Lmao like Angelina Jolie stuck her face in a industrial vacuum”


“She literally looks like a caricature drawing of Angelina Jolie!!!!”


6. “Missing nose, duck lips and a uni-boob”

If Michael Jackson had a doppelganger from an alternate universe where he was born a girl… it still wouldn’t look as weird as this!


“I’m starting to think the end goal is to get rid of noses. They are getting smaller and smaller.”


“The new nose in vogue: No Nose!”


7. “A bit too much.”

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“I don’t know why beautiful girls would do that to themselves.”


“They define their self-worth based on looks. Most people who are average-looking probably don’t develop a fragile ego that dictates your worth based on waist size, lips, boobs etc.”


8. “Instagram vs. Reality after her 12th nose job.”

Why not go for the gold and try lucky number 13? ‘Cause how much worse could it get?


“I’m going to assume that she can’t breathe through her nose anymore.”


“There are a few interviews out there where she’s mouth breathing the whole time. She sounds like a nice person but it’s still so sad.”


9. “Free nose job in Argentina posted by the girl on a shame me group on FB”

This woman received a free nose at a public teaching hospital. Lesson learned, free is not always a good thing! At least everyone is wearing masks now, so there’s that.


10. “She was interviewed for a newspaper in my hometown.”

\Pillow-face is so early naughties. If only she would let herself age gracefully as she’s quite a natural [email protected]:

“Is your hometown Whoville?”

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